April certainly did bring May flowers to our preschool classroom.  Our theme for the first two weeks of May were flowers.

The first week, we read and learned all about sunflowers.   We read the books The Sunflower, This is A Sunflower and I Am a Flower.  The kids learned about all of the parts of a sunflower by labeling a giant sunflower and also making and labeling their own sunflowers.

image     During letter work, the students matched lowercase letter flowers to uppercase letter stems.   In math, the kids counted sunflower seeds and sunflowers.

During arts and crafts, the kids used a lot of materials to make their own sunflowers.  We made big sunflowers with Popsicle sticks, paper plates, paint and tissue paper.


We made a field of sunflowers with tissue paper.   The kids even made sunflowers with their own handprints.

The next week, we continued learning about flowers by reading The Tiny Seed and Spring is Here!:A Story About Seeds.  We also talked and learned about the life cycle of flowers. The students labeled pictures of the life cycle and they also put the pictures in the correct order.

In math, some students identified numbers and used 1:1 correspondence to count out the correct number of flowers and some students counted flowers and chose the correct number.  The students also counted petals to match numbers.

In arts and crafts, the students created their own flowers in the style of Eric Carle’s The Tiny Seed. The students painted paper with different colors.  Once the paint dried: teachers cut out petals, stem, and leaves and the students glued them together to make their own flowers.