Recently, the preschool got quite buggy.   The first week of our bug theme, we read the books Bee & Me and  Bugs, Bugs, Bugs.

In math, we helped the bees hop from flower to flower and make it back to their hive by rolling the dice and moving the correct number of spaces.   We also used bug erasers to fill our bug jars.



During letter work, the kids smushed the correct letter bug when they heard a letter sound.

During table-time, the kids worked on sight words.  The student made their own emergent reader books by reading color sight words and coloring the bugs.   We also worked on listening skills and positional words by placing different types of bugs in the correct places.

During art, the kids made bugs.  Each student started with a construction paper circle and was given legs, wings, stickers, googley eyes, and markers to create their own bug.


The students also made bees using their fingerprints to make the bee’s stripes.


The next week, we continued our bug theme by reading the books Miss Spider’s Tea Party and The Grouchy Ladybug.

In math, the students used the ladybug spots to practice 1:1 correspondence and addition. We also sorted ladybugs by size.



During art,  the kids made spider webs by rolling marbles dipped in white paint across construction paper.  They also made their own Miss Spider to hang from their web.   This kids also made various types of ladybugs.   We made paper plate ladybugs.   The students also cut and tore construction paper to make grass and added ladybugs to to the picture.  And last but not least…the students used tissue paper to make ladybugs in the style of Eric Carle’s Grouchy Ladybug.